Cromford Challenge.png

A  Challenge With A Difference

Stimulate Your Neurons As Well As Your Legs

A Mixture Of Running, Walking, Treasure Hunt & Hunted

Brought to you by the award winning outdoor events team at peaksGO Limited.

This year over 1,500 people have taken part in the team version of Hunted in the Peaks - Hunted

The Cromford Challenge takes the concept of the team event and challenges individuals to compete against each other.

Our course covers an area of just over 6 miles, across several stages. Dependant on what you want to get out of the day, the distance you cover is entirely up to you.


  • Cromford Challenge - A treasure hunt with the Hunted element running from Cromford Mills to Middleton Top and back. Climbing over 1000ft and possibly taking in three of the area's most spectacular panoramic views.

At 10.00am on the 21st March 2020, each of our entrants will be taking part in huge Treasure Hunt.  They will be heading off in search of 100 hidden tokens, the locations of which will be given to you on the day, when each participant receives one of our bespoke treasure maps.

Along the way you will have to enter the Hunters Zone. Here you will need to avoid being captured by one of our Hunters, whilst still on the lookout for tokens. Avoid capture and you will gain extra, valuable points for your tally.

The entire day will work on a points system. Starting at 10.00am and ending at 14.00pm, you will have just over 4 hours to complete your chosen route, with the top points scorers winning prizes. Winners will be announced in the courtyard at Cromford Mills at 15.00pm.

You can gain points by doing the following.

  • Finding tokens (50 points per token)

  • Reaching the top of each of our peaks (See below)

  • Avoiding the Hunters in the Hunter Zone (300 points)

Reaching the tops of our three hills (The first person to reach the top of each peak will earn themselves an additional prize)

  • Sheep Dip Incline (100 points)

  • Black Rocks (200 points)

  • Middleton Top (300 points)

More will be revealed on the day.

  • 9.00am - Registration

  • 10.00am - Challenge begins (Can venture as far as they feel capable)

  • 14.00pm - End of challenge (Tokens handed in)

  • 15.00pm - Winners announced (Top 3 points scorers) 

Everyone that takes part will receive a medal.

There will be plenty of activities going on throughout the day in and around Cromford Mills, with lots of places to eat and drink - 

“What a  day, my heart is still beating out of my chest from all the excitement. We had a fantastic day with David and Chris. They have created an activity that suits all levels of fitness, keeping it fun for everyone. You definitely don’t need to be fit to take part…but it helps. If your thinking of arranging something special for your group, Hunted is the way to go. We’ll definitely be doing it again.”