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Charity Walks

Managed Charity Walks across Mam Tor

For over 5 years peaksGO have been planning, managing and marshalling charity walks within the Peak District National Park. Whether you are a charity or you are looking to raise money for a charity, a guided, marshalled charity walk is a great way to raise funds. Having many years of successful fundraising under our belts the team at peaksGO like to offer low-cost solutions allowing you to raise more money for your chosen charity.

What we offer

● A central UK location within the Peak District National Park.
● Coach and car parking
● Beautiful scenery taking in panoramic views
● Starting in Castleton which is arguably one of the UKs most beautiful villages
● Routes planned to suit abilities 5 to 15 miles
● Fully marshalled
● First Aid
● Low cost, allowing you to raise more money for your chosen charity. How do we keep costs down? We are locally based and many of our staff are volunteers.

Case study


peaksGO were approached by the Maternal Aid Association to help plan and marshal a charity walk across Mam Tor in the Peak District National Park for over 300 students from all over the UK.

● 300 students from 8 universities across the uk from as far afield as London and Bradford.
● 7 miles and 4 hours duration.
● Raising over £50,000


“Firstly, I want to say thank you for everything, it was really easy to work with you and I hope we can work together again. The hike was an amazing experience, we actually really enjoyed the
mud. All the guides were super friendly and easy to get along with. Hope we didn't give you guys too much of a headache. All 300 people who came to the hike had no complaints and the feedback they gave was they found the staff members were very friendly. Maa is a quite new charity, its been 6 years since we first started, so having a 300 person hike is a big milestone for our charity and thanks to your support it went really well thanks to your teams professionalism. We're on course to raise £50,000 via this hike which will go towards supporting Mothers in Bangladesh and Widows and their families in Afghanistan. And as much as the hikers who raised money for this noble cause are important, you and your team are as well, so I hope you and your team know that thanks to your support we will be changing the lives of many people. It was an amazing experience and I wish you all the best and success. Also, a special thanks to you Chris, you've been amazing to work with. Looking forward to next year.”

Kind Regards,

Bodrul Islam - Head of Fundraising - Maternal Aid Association


So, whether you are a charity or a group looking to raise funds for a chosen charity we look forward to hearing from you.

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