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The Princess Bride Adventure

"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die"

Here at peaksGO we love a good old fashioned  adventure and we are also quite partial to a classic adventure film. Back in 1987, when we were young, The Princess Bride transported cinema goers into a world of fantasy and adventure. Filled with swashbuckling pirates, peanut eating giants, fire swamps, shrieking eels, true love and lets not forget the immortal words…


Its well known that a couple of the scenes from the movie were filmed at Haddon Hall, close to Bakewell. But did you know that they also used many other locations within the Peak District, using some very special locations within our National park to add that magical feel to the movie.

Whilst in lockdown we decided to create a free adventure for people of all ages to enjoy. Having gathered as much knowledge as we could about the filming of the Princess Bride and scoured the Peak District, we were able to create this page, filled with locations for you to use as you please.

You can do it in a day or over a few weekends. You can take as long as you need to find as many of the locations as you can, just make sure to have lots of fun along the way. 


Princess Buttercup

is presented to the

people of Florin


Haddon Hall


We want you to take the information gathered on this page and create your own adventure. We will give you the name of each location, but its up to you and your little adventurers to find the specific spots where the action was filmed. And if you have yet to watch this outstanding film, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy an adventure of a lifetime, followed by your own adventure in the Peak District..

And as always, take care, stay safe and keep off private property.

Good Luck swashbucklers.


Princess Buttercups Farm


The View From 

Robin Hoods Stride


The Battle With Fezzik


Robin Hoods Stride, Nr Elton


A Battle Of Strength


Robin Hoods

Stride, Nr Elton


The Battle Of Wits


Lathkill Dale


Escape Across

The Moors


Carl Wark, Nr Higger Tor


The Dread Pirate Roberts, At Your Service

IMG-3202 (1).jpg

Cave Dale


As You Wish


Cave Dale


Wesley & Buttercup Re-united


Cave Dale


Prince Humperdinck Approaches


Cave Dale


Into The

Fire Swamp


Cave Dale

Team building
Team building

Michelle Pavey - ETI

'The ETI booked a treasure hunt with PeaksGO in June 2018. We could not have enjoyed the day more. From the initial enquiry through to the actual day the team at PeaksGo could not have been more helpful. They worked with us to establish a good date, location and also restaurant for a meal after our hunt. They created a bespoke route for us to enable a large group of mixed ability people to take part and were always on hand to quickly answer any questions or changes we had prior to our event. They supplied us with plenty of information on how to get there and what we needed for the hunt and really went the extra mile to arrange a special day for us. During the day they were friendly, enthusiastic and highly professional. They ensured all of our staff felt informed, safe and excited about the challenge. I have organised many team building days over the years and would happily book another one with PeaksGo and would highly recommend them to other companies looking for a great day out in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.'

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